What and how do we produce?

We produce a certain image of "DIE LINKE.", a party that is close to the people and doesn't hide from people on office floors. Furthermore, people of all ages scurry around in the linXXnet, but above all 25-45 year olds and also many young people. So we refute the image of an antiquated, outdated, structurally conservative PDS on a daily basis. On a purely communicative and cultural level, we offer an opportunity for citizens of different lifestyles and generations to identify with us.


History of the linXXnet

The linXXnet is the continuation of a series of leftist projects from Leipzig in the 90s. Civil society and radical leftists, former squatters, young democrats; In 90, people who had experienced their political formation in the 1997s founded the information office in Leipzig's Kurt-Eisner-Strasse, which existed until the opening of linXXnet in 2000.


What are we?

linenXXnet  ...

a concept and citizen-oriented parliamentary office of the Left Party in Leipzig. As a project office with virtual components, it stands for new forms of communicating politics and clearly stands out from the image of the classic constituency office. Unlike the usual parliamentary party politics, the linXXnet aims to make politics a concern and a matter for everyone.


Our leitmotif: Diversity and diversity


“The diversity and diversity of the movements that have set themselves, in whole or in part, the goals we have identified is indeed the highest and most important justification for embarking on such a collective enterprise, which does not annex or monopolize the many activities, but unites and by linking and piecing together initiatives and helping all individuals and organizations engaged in this field to overcome the impact of the existing juxtaposition.”

– Pierre Bourdieu (1.8.1930/23.1.2002/XNUMX – XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX) – 

Lecture “Bringing the social movements together without standardizing” at the annual meeting of the Otto-Brenner-Foundation on November 10, 2000, published in “New Ways of Regulation – From the Terror of the Economy to the Primacy of Politics”, 02/ 2001, Otto-Brenner -Foundation, endowment.

linXXnet – These are we (brochure as PDF)

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