Statement on the state election!

Progress and cohesion instead of resignation and division

"Different from the others" - that's what we like to say about our party. And in many areas it is true - but unfortunately not in some. Now that we have experienced long debates at federal level, the type and place of which were held was anything but conducive to our state elections, we are now seeing that unfortunately some actors want to conduct the same form of debate at state level. Instead of evaluating the recent elections, which also include federal, European and local elections, together, constructively and above all within our party, demands for his resignation are now being launched in the press. Under the headline "Leipzig leftists demand the resignation of the state leadership", this demand is underlined with successes from Leipzig, which are by no means just the result of a single member of the Bundestag or the city chairman. We firmly believe that we too are “Leipzig Leftists”, but we want a different debate. At the same time, we have to take a good look at our own noses in Leipzig. The results in the constituencies also differ widely in our country. In the constituency of the city chairman, for example, we lost the third most percentage points. The election results also represent a turning point for society as a whole, which will not be improved by the better or less bad performance in some constituencies - not even by the results in our constituencies. Last but not least, we owe it to our comrades from Thuringia not to lead the tough, public disputes known from the federal party in the state association. The party congress is in November and, as is usual in our party, anyone can stand as a candidate there. Preferably with constructive and concrete ideas presented first to the party and not to the press.

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