20 years of linXXnet

As you probably know, our 20th anniversary party has been postponed. Of course, this has to do directly and indirectly with Corona, which is why we had no choice. But we still consider it postponed and of course we promise that it will be made up for.

Until then, there is a small film about us, the linXXnet, for you, so to speak in advance.

"The secret of the two Xs" (20 years of linXXnet)

Police deliberately monitored fan social workers - over 50 invasions of privacy


For more than three years, the police authorities in Leipzig unsuccessfully investigated a suspected criminal organization in the left-wing scene in the city of Leipzig. According to the response to my new Small Request (Drucksache 6 / 9719) a fan social worker was also monitored in full awareness of his sensitive work in social work with young people.


Create a clearing house for unaccompanied minor refugees

The left faction in the Leipzig city council has applied for the creation of a clearing house for unaccompanied minor refugees. The city council followed the request on Wednesday, December 16.12.2015, XNUMX. 

We are currently discussing asylum a lot, both on the street, in events, in the city council and in our personal contexts. With our application, we want to focus on a very specific and sensitive target group, the unaccompanied minor refugees.


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