What is the linXXnet?

20 years of linXXnet: a laudatory speech

The linXXnet is many things:

Neighborhood shop, meeting point, living room, plenum factory, copy shop (now also 3D), district shop, association advice center, transpi warehouse (CSD material), event location, rental station, flyer storage, loan station, internet cafe, political billboard and and and ... also mailbox for over 50 addressees.

But it is also an office for members of parliament; A "new type" of office, in which various parliamentary levels (city council, state parliament, Bundestag, European Parliament) converge. And because there is linXXnet, the idea of ​​open offices has spread throughout the DIE LINKE party.

Today there are several – each unique – »shops« nationwide in which politics, culture and projects are combined.

There was no discussion within the PDS (later DIE LINKE) on the subject of party reform without the »linXXnet« being named as a model project.

And obviously, various papers were not only written and described at that time, but also understood and implemented, and so the linXXnet spread to the surrounding area and many "sister projects" were created. Erfurt (RedroXX), Dresden (WIR-AG), Chemnitz (Rothaus), Göttingen, Munich or Zwickau (politikkontor), open offices in Görlitz, Zittau, Borna, Mittweida, Döbeln and the idea even lived in the small Brand-Erbisdorf. No party office without a shop window…..thanks for that linXXnet.

But the linXXnet is more than just an office with shop windows. It is not just an office for members of parliament, but is mainly run by volunteers.

In a low-hierarchy structure, they are allowed to have a say in the organization of the office, its projects and political contacts and enjoy the greatest possible autonomy in the implementation of their own projects. A bunch of people doing politics here, on different levels, in different places and with different issues. Left-wing politics in all its diversity is shaped here by more than 100 people who come and go from the office on a regular basis. Many thanks to all of you and congratulations!

The linXXnet and other open offices have largely dissolved the employee-boss relationship. The members of parliament involved in the project decide on equal footing with employees and volunteers on questions relating to the office and political projects. There is no privileged access by MPs to “their” employees. Users are also partly involved in decision-making processes. Despite this or precisely because of this, you cannot reach anyone on Monday morning at 0341-3081199. Because there has been service advice for 20 years. With success and rightly so. Above all, however, it is also about »creating networks and tying knots«. Because why should the Connewitz party group of the LINKE and the left-wing radical WG founders not only sit one after the other at the same table, but also come together - for example in actions against Nazis. At linXXnet, politics and art belong together. This idea is fundamental to the work; From the very beginning, political education was naturally associated with culture, exhibitions and

Vernissages have a permanent place. Over the years, a network of left-wing artists has emerged that is connected to the linXXnet. This includes DJs, pop and punk musicians as well as visual artists ranging from street art to video art and left-hand radio. And I also celebrated my first Russian New Year at Bornaische Straße 3d. The party reform as a “cultural revolution”, as “the striving for a culture of openness, curiosity, a militant love of life, tolerance in disputes and in dealing with differences” (Michael Chrapa 2003) remains urgently needed.

Thanks to all artists and all the best to you too!

Over the years, the linXXnet has developed into an important player in the district, in the political/civil society landscape of the entire city and region, which was also reflected in the number of voters in the past municipal and state elections. The southern constituency, in which the linXXnet is located, was the only constituency in the local elections in which DIE LINKE was able to increase its result in absolute terms and as a percentage. Contrary to the city-wide trend, a percentage increase was also achieved in the first vote result for the direct candidate in the corresponding state constituency.

Thank you for your election campaigns, creativity and, above all, electoral success.

During the election campaign you always mobilized far beyond the left scene. "End 25 years of CDU rule in the constituency," said the posters. Many have chosen Jule to be different. It is said that some have re-registered in order to be able to vote for them. People trusted her most likely to beat the CDU. As early as May 2014, she was elected to the city council as the candidate with the most cross-party votes in Leipzig – without her face being visible on a single poster.

Thank you Jule and congratulations to you and you!

And the direct mandate in the 2017 federal election campaign, which successfully went to DIE LINKE, would have been unthinkable without linXXnet and your work. Thank you for that and all the best!

I have known and experienced the linXXnet since it was born and I have known Jule for just as long. And through all these years, she has been a fighter, a tireless communicator, channeling the unequal forces of the weak and encouraging their collective action. Their territory is the big city, more precisely: the district of Connewitz. New stickers keep popping in my face there. "Connewitz stays red! Really red!” But others too. These stickers are of course available on the linXXnet. And of course! – the linXXnet is unthinkable without Jule. But: there is no quiet hinterland! Jule also reliably ensures that this is not just a saying. Even if that means bringing the discord. Whether it's about supporting anti-fascist activities in the province or organizing solidarity with refugees threatened with deportation: we will always find Jule in the front row, although she really never pushes herself to the fore. And I occasionally hear the phrase "Jule is never at home!" and I would like to reply: "Yes! Because the linXXnet is her home!”

The "New Germany" wrote that the linXXnet is growing up. And you don't show yourselves petty in big things! Because since the summer of 2015, the linXXnet is no longer just in one place. Since the opening of INTERIM by linXXnet in Lindenau, linXXnet has consisted of two offices, run and enlivened by a collective of activists.

THANK YOU for all the processes of supporting, encouraging and building new agency, promoting creative potential; Thank you for countless lectures, seminars, readings, demos and parties - everything that people have desire and strength to do.

Thanks for building bridges!

Thank you for your contribution to the spiritual, cultural and political opening to change society. Please continue!

Thanks to Holly, Heike, Dirk, Lisa, Grex, Anna, Daniel, Ariane, Andy, Max, Christin, Jens, Steffi, Kay, Johannes, Marco, Max, Adelheid, Fabian, Matze, Marko, Marco, Rico, Tille, Elli, Werner, Ulf, Sebastian, Stefan, Suza, Bubble, Boris, Nele....and everyone I forgot, thanks to everyone who is here and THANKS to Jule Nagel! Today is also and above all your birthday!

by Lars Kleba

What and how do we produce?

We produce a certain image of "DIE LINKE.", a party that is close to the people and doesn't hide from people on office floors. Furthermore, people of all ages scurry around in the linXXnet, but above all 25-45 year olds and also many young people. So we refute the image of an antiquated, outdated, structurally conservative PDS on a daily basis. On a purely communicative and cultural level, we offer an opportunity for citizens of different lifestyles and generations to identify with us.


History of the linXXnet

The linXXnet is the continuation of a series of leftist projects from Leipzig in the 90s. Civil society and radical leftists, former squatters, young democrats; In 90, people who had experienced their political formation in the 1997s founded the information office in Leipzig's Kurt-Eisner-Strasse, which existed until the opening of linXXnet in 2000.


What are we?

linenXXnet  ...

a concept and citizen-oriented parliamentary office of the Left Party in Leipzig. As a project office with virtual components, it stands for new forms of communicating politics and clearly stands out from the image of the classic constituency office. Unlike the usual parliamentary party politics, the linXXnet aims to make politics a concern and a matter for everyone.


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