Our leitmotif: Diversity and diversity


“The diversity and diversity of the movements that have set themselves, in whole or in part, the goals we have identified is indeed the highest and most important justification for embarking on such a collective enterprise, which does not annex or monopolize the many activities, but unites and by linking and piecing together initiatives and helping all individuals and organizations engaged in this field to overcome the impact of the existing juxtaposition.”

– Pierre Bourdieu (1.8.1930/23.1.2002/XNUMX – XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX) – 

Lecture “Bringing the social movements together without standardizing” at the annual meeting of the Otto-Brenner-Foundation on November 10, 2000, published in “New Ways of Regulation – From the Terror of the Economy to the Primacy of Politics”, 02/ 2001, Otto-Brenner -Foundation, endowment.

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