What's up, Fabian?

After the podcast for or for the upgrading of Girls' Day pushed itself in last week, we are now back to the regular schedule. Fabian was summoned and Jule asked the questions. And this time there wasn't that much to get excited about. And that sounds like it.

What's up July?

Due to what is now semi-current, which is not the fault of the podcasters, Juli and Claudia “tick” themselves into the podcast sequence and report on the (beautiful, successful, cool) Girls Day at INTERIM. About the preparation, what happened there and what came out. And of course a little bit about exciting things, so not Girls' Day! And that's how it works.

What's up Jule?

The black hole called "time" has been caught up again and so Monday's podcast can already be heard on Mondays! Jule was invited or summoned by Johannes. It's about a (former) interior minister named Wöller and the state of the LINKE. and of course more. And that's how it works.

What's up, John?

Often nominated and now in the studio for the first time: Johannes. In this episode we explain how Roland Wöller's dismissal became a real problem for Johannes and why you're only hearing from us again now.

Call for donations: cushion financial emergencies! Supporting refugees in Leipzig

Many people are currently arriving in Leipzig who fled Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine. Some are in dire need of social support – a public duty. The fact is, however, that the social welfare office in Leipzig is currently unable to keep up, and in some cases people should wait until May to be registered in the city at all.

Even though appointments have now been brought forward and the arrival center at Telemannstraße 9 has significantly increased its capacity, short-term peaks still have to be cushioned. In Leipzig, many people who have taken refuge in their homes are currently doing this – whether in the family apartment, the shared flat, the house project or the car park.

Financial support is still needed! That's why we're calling for donations. Affected are, among others, the people who have stayed in Ukraine with a work or study visa and some of whom still do not have a passport - the so-called "third-country nationals". But Ukrainian citizens have also become known to linXXnet, Leipzig Helps Ukraine and other Leipzig actors who are currently having to endure particular hardships. Chronic diseases, physical disabilities, in general: some specific needs are not yet adequately covered by the authorities.

Until then, we ask for your short-term donations!

Those who can still offer apartments or free rooms place ads on the platform linxxnet.de/ukraine or post them in the Leipzig Helps Ukraine telegram group [https://leipzig-helps-ukraine.de/category/housing-en/}.

Our account details are:

Red Tree Leipzig e. V
IBAN: DE22500310001056268002
Triodos Bank Germany
Purpose: Donation Ukraine

There is also a local call from Connewitz to donate food directly:

People fleeing Ukraine who have arrived in Leipzig need help:

Many currently have no money for groceries. You only receive social benefits when you register with the city of Leipzig. The city is trying to speed things up, but currently the waiting time for the registration appointment is still about 3-4 weeks or more. Many have temporarily stayed with host families who are reaching their limits when it comes to looking after their guests. Some refugees cannot or do not want to register, but they also have to eat. There are a few food donation points in the city area, but one of the larger ones (Probsteikirche at the New Town Hall) is closed (except Saturday) from Good Friday to Easter Monday, so far there are none in the south. We want to change that in the short term and as long as possible (if necessary), and we need you to do it.

Most urgently needed:
– baby food
– Pasta, flour, rice, oatmeal
– Canned vegetables
– ready-made soups
- Tomato sauce
- Milk
– Sugar, cocoa, chocolate, biscuits
+ other long-life non-perishable foods

Please bring whatever you can get from it to the KiJuWe workshop for children and young people in the ZORO studio building, Bornaische Str. 54 HH
Monday to Friday 14 p.m. to 18 p.m., including Good Friday The issue will take place in Plant II as soon as possible. The call or the list of requirements may soon be adapted and updated.

Other urgently needed donations in kind such as hygiene items, home furnishings, crockery, etc. are not (for the time being) accepted.
If you have something to give away or want to help in any other way, please use the existing channels at the initiative leipzig-helps-ukraine and the city.

Thanks in advance to everyone

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