Anna was our project implementer in INTERIM and linXXnet for a long time and managed our public events, tours and projects. In 2019 she is a left-wing youth candidate is Conscripted state parliament and therefore now less often in Leipzig and more often in Dresden and Meissen. In the left faction, she has taken on responsibility for the district of Meißen and is responsible for the topics of child and youth policy, democracy and universities. Whenever it suits, she is still at the start in the linXXnet. Anna likes: game nights, long debates and white wine.

Daniel has one foot in the Leipzig area and the other in the linXXnet interim and other conglomerates. One hand on the phone, the other on the electronic slide rule. Its main lines are numbers and organizations, trade unions and structural change, the networks range in many spheres. Sometimes he gallops forward and needs to be reminded of the values ​​of the idle, valuable grassroots democratic consensus culture that is also cultivated in linXXnet. But if it glitters and sparkling wine flows and perhaps there are also bits of herring, then everything is fine.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world differently; the point is to change them." Well, yes a Phrase, which was often quoted and allegedly implemented. It should serve as an introduction anyway, because Holli is a studied philosopher and one of the makers of the linXXnet. The fact that we have exhibition areas and exhibitions in the linXXnet is mainly due to Holli. Too often that would at times current add-on, to also realize exhibitions in our rooms, fall down behind, or they would be hung up as if the pictures/posters were hanging randomlyllig, sindeed wanted. Of course, Holli can also do more about Ätell aesthetics than the others in the collective. The beard grew over the years, but mömaybe he'll be gone soon. So it's worth starting a conversation with Holli, whether it's about why? How? and what? the linXXnet is … after all, Holli is one of the inventors. Or about the fundamental question: what is left? And why you?

Jenz has been active in and around the linXXnet since 2008, with permanent residence and working hours since 2014 in the office. In terms of content, he is mainly involved in Team Jule. Whether housing policy, kCritical confrontation with the police or refugee and migration policy, Jenz is involved in all of these issues. He is not only familiar with politics, but also with football and touchingly takes care of the cement when there is a wall to be built in the linXXnet. When it comes to technology (notis, system, extension cord, ...), you can turn to Jenz with confidence.
He's been taking care of a child for a while and every two weeks you can hear him on the left-hand radio with Jule and Grex on Friday evenings. 

Christmas is of course the uncrowned “voice queen” of the south of Leipzig in the city council and as if that were not enough, also the only directly elected member of the state parliament in the city who may not be named. Because they, not only deswegen, is never at home, a personal office was milled into the linXXnet for her, where she can be found every day. Essentially, she is the Bureau's warrant canary. That's not surprising either, because Jule is also a founding inventory of the whole thing. Unless a plenum intervenes. Because apart from the party tour and parliamentary group work, Jule is above all simply committed, active in countless groups and excellently networked outside of parliament. And even if it is important to be loud and visible against Nazis, in the country and in some cities, she is a perfect contact person. Otherwise, she hardly has time for tomato plants because of an interview with Johannes Agnoli, but she does have time for a more correct life in the wrong one. This is probably where her fondness for “chemistry” comes from:
"It can only get better."

Creative chaos. This pair of words is actually enough Fabs to describe. He has been involved in linXXnet since the turn of the millennium. Initially as a student who wanted to prevent his school from being closed, later he became a motor for the connection between politics and culture, especially club and electronic culture, for emancipatory-radical demands such as the release of drugs or the right to vote from 0. Fabian is sometimes there and sometimes gone, but in reality always present. He talks and wants to convince, sometimes too much of both, he networks and does it tremendously. The party DIE LINKE is not the linchpin of his work, because society can be changed in many other places, with the illegal party, with the support of refugees, with endless pointed conversations or with content-related events. Fabs isn't an expert on finance and structural work, but he is on almost everything else.

Grex was born in 1969 to an AOL CD and a Jabber account on the Internet. There he acquired all sorts of useful knowledge as an autodidact and has always acted, among other things, as the personified IT department of linXXnet. In addition to the technical equipment itself, the IT department also deals with the sometimes extremely complicated handling of people who want to operate this technology. Grex also acts as a DJ, data protection officer, event technician, photographer and Karla Kolumna of special "Saxon conditions". He has mastered the art of brewing beer and is popular with everyone thanks to his unerring sarcasm.

Fest in the south, i.e. from Leipzig, is Lisa anchored. Although she would certainly be an excellent "city guide" for Connewitz, she has dedicated herself above all to local party work, i.e. on site. Is there something to organize? to plan or clarify logistics. Ask Lisa! Your "base" is Lößnig, the linXXnet maybe the headquarters. She can also be found in the southern district advisory board, where she is a member and thus, by definition, learns what the “local people, on their doorstep, are passionate about”. But admittedly, it doesn't stay that local. Lisa is also on the city board of the LINKE. Leipzig and there, of course, the connection to the south. Is it then about new members in the LINKEN., but she looks in all parts of the city, of course.

Marco has been part of the collective for longer than the writer of this introductory text can walk. He is a co-founder of the Left Youth Leipzig and is committed, among other things, to more space for nice bicycles, less smoke in the air and better weather. He has been a member of the Saxon state parliament since 2014, where he very quickly made himself very popular in the ranks of the CDU - does he only speak for himself? Plus, he's always there when you need him. In his free time, he likes to water his plants at INTERIM because no one else feels responsible for it. Marco likes: LED lights on trams, sparkling wine, cyclists (shorts), when the floor in the INTERIM smells of lemon

Marko has the contact and wire to the Bundestag. As an employee for the Saxon regional group, of course the LINKE., the advisory service learns everything that is possible and impossible from the parliamentary group and vice versa, Marko ensures that even the smallest request (in Berlin) is heard appropriately. In addition, he is a veteran of the linXXnet and thus practically inventory. And although he has been socialized on the left for a long time, a plenum is always something new and pure excitement for him. But he does quite well nonetheless, perhaps due to his fondness for Amartya Sen: “The illusion of singularity relies on the assumption that a human being is […] a member of a single collective that bestows on him an identity of paramount importance. ”

Max iis the all-rounder in the team, always there when help is needed. Someone who tackles, participates and implements ideas and doesn't always just want to debate. His hobby is (post-)colonialism and its mediation, both in the southern district association of the LINKE.Leipzig and in the area of ​​school and extracurricular education. Max is part of the state board THE LEFT. Saxony and also likes to move around in the Saxon districts.

Rico is our princess of numbers, tables and tables with numbers. As if that weren't enough, he is happy to take on the planning and organization of larger events and, despite his nervous exertion, always keeps an overview. He is our expert in particular in the area of ​​club finances and so he is often happy to pass on his knowledge to clubs, especially in rural areas, in the form of training courses.

Tille is a southern Leipzig veteran. He is at home in Connewitz, where he has a significant influence on the politics and project office linXXnet. When he's not plundering the copier account for the latest layout idea, he passionately, creatively and wittily advocates his political interests and goals or strolls through Spain. He enjoys the common scurrying and pottering in our office/collective. In everything he does, he doesn't want to be a well-honed politician, preferring to be direct and likes to escalate arguments. In what he does, Tille always tries to find a good measure of experimentation and experience as well as satire and seriousness.

Elli was an employee at Marco and wchanged then to state legislaturefraction as a consultant for energy and climate protection. However, it remains in the linXXnet for corresponding projects. She studied parliamentary issues and civil society at the Martin Luther University in Halle/Saale. She was already working on energy policy issues during her bachelor's degree in political science in Dresden. She is also involved with ADELE Leipzig, the state-wide environmental group of LINKE Sachsen, with whom she organizes various events. 

Dirk takes care - especially for everyday things in the office. Be it layout, event planning or finding quick solutions to acute problems in our collective. With his open and warm manner, he enriches the collective, especially in the INTERIM. There he does a lot of work hours and takes on citizen concerns. If anyone can save the day or the project, it's him.
Unless he mixes up the streets in Connewitz and Lindenau again.

Claudia actually comes from somewhere near Görlitz, but luckily (for us) was able to make the leap and has been living in Leipzig for a long time now. In any case, she is a very busy person, commuting back and forth between many parts of the city and is therefore well connected. If you do not party life as a board member of the wonderful district association Südwest organized or in the Southwest District Advisory Board for leftists City politics begins, it is probably in the INTERIM  found in Lindenau and keeps the office and the people there together. Since youeAs “Southwest” includes several neighborhoods that couldn't be more different, their focus is appropriately on housing policy, with all the details that that implies. Incomprehensible to many from the linXXnet, she lives in by the way Zschocher and is also active there and networked with local initiatives that bring this enchanted district to life.  

is our Lindenau lexicon. He knows every street, every shop and has an anecdote to tell about everything. On the district advisory board of Alt
-West he does LEFT district politics and is also involved in all actions in Leipziger Alt-WEstonians. Every day he checks that everything is all right in the INTERIM and immediately notices if something is somewhere else than it should be. Thomas is available for every culinary experiment and every bike tour. It's nice to end or begin days with him and a glass of sparkling wine. We appreciate him for his reliability, his love of order and his commitment to the west of Leipzig. He's absent when he's not there and deserves a few days' vacation on Hiddensee.


Adelheid is the real Antifa king in the linXXnet collective, after all her name contributes to the royal atmosphere in linXXnet. Of course, we don't have a monarchy, because we decide everything according to Adelheit's favorite number, 42. She herself is mainly active in the district association of Western Saxony, because she's the managing director of the party there, which also has something royal about it. But she also takes care of the South Networking Group, which is an important date, especially for new members of the left in the south of Leipzig. In terms of content, Adelheit is mainly concerned with university stuff and science policy, because that's where she supports Anna in the state parliament. 
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