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  • Camps and house rules - an information page
    In a successful cooperation with our district and city councilors in the districts and cities in Saxony, we can present: a traffic light analysis of house rules for refugee accommodation! Why? Because it is the house rules of collective accommodations - the reception facilities of the state as well as the communal accommodations of the municipalities - that make life difficult for people. It becomes clear: not a single...

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  • From the STASI to the secret service criticism - DIE LINKE and the intelligence services
    Abolish the protection of the constitution - a consistent LINKE demand that results from its own history, but also for reasons of democratic theory. A conversation with Thomas Nord, member of the Bundestag for the LINKE and former unofficial employee of the Ministry for State Security, about left-wing criticism of the protection of the Constitution and the lessons of the past.

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