Solidaritrade MAZI olive oil

The linXXnet and INTERIM are distribution stations for the MAZI olive oil from solidarity trade.

mazi means together and is the name of the olive oil from organic farming and solidarity distribution. The MAZI olive oil from the Messinis Gea cooperative is imported by the SolidariTrade cooperative, which is committed to promoting olive oil produced in solidarity with Greece. Solidarity means in this case: The Messinis Gea cooperative earns about 30% more income. In addition, one euro per liter goes to a political/humanitarian initiative in Greece.
The sale of the oil increases the income of farmers and pickers in the country, which is still battered by the austerity policy that was imposed in the wake of the eurozone crisis, not least at the instigation of the German government. The oil comes from the small town of Daras in the south-west Pelepones. The MAZI olive oil is extra virgin and with an acid content of 0,2 percent of very high quality. The cooperative does not use any chemical pesticides.

1 euro per liter sold goes to political/humanitarian projects. And for Leipzig you can do it directly Order here and pick it up on April 21, 2022 in the linXXnet or INTERIM.

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