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Open letter from residents and tradespeople and initiatives in Connewitz and Leipzig to the judges of the Leipzig District Court.

Dear Mr. Wolting,
Dear Mr Deusing,

Dear judges of the District Court of Leipzig,
Dear judges of the Regional Court of Leipzig,

As you probably know, five years ago around three hundred neo-Nazis attacked the Connewitz district in an organized, armed and planned manner on the occasion of Legida's first birthday. People were injured and attacked in this attack. The balance of material damage from the neo-Nazi attack was 5 damaged shops, 23 damaged cars, around 19 euros in damage (

According to the Ministry of Justice, only 217 of the total of 10 accused had been convicted by September 2020, 114, more than four and a half years after the crime. By January 2021 it should be around 60% (epd). Again and again we had to read about procedural agreements with the neo-Nazis, so-called "deals" ( The perspective of the people attacked by the neo-Nazis also plays no role in the processes (

The right-wing perpetrators don't have to fear imprisonment for their attack in January 2016, not even those who were already on "probation" when they were there in January 2016. Some continued to commit crimes even after 2016 and engaged in further extreme right actions (

For the remaining processes related to the neo-Nazi attack in the Connewitz district, we call on the judges of the district court and the regional court to impose the “fines” in favor of social and cultural institutions and associations in Connewitz, as well as the RAA Leipzig victim counseling service. The payments were intended to benefit those whose infrastructure was and was to be deliberately attacked and destroyed by the neo-Nazis, who were directly or indirectly affected.

The target of the neo-Nazi attack were the residents of the district and for which Connewitz is politically perceived from the outside.

We would therefore be pleased to hear that the fines are to be paid to projects in Connewitz in relation to the verdicts in forthcoming proceedings relating to the neo-Nazi attack in Connewitz. From what we've had to hear and read about the outcome of the past trials, this would be the bare minimum.

With kind regards,

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