What are we?

linenXXnet  ...

a concept and citizen-oriented parliamentary office of the Left Party in Leipzig. As a project office with virtual components, it stands for new forms of communicating politics and clearly stands out from the image of the classic constituency office. Unlike the usual parliamentary party politics, the linXXnet aims to make politics a concern and a matter for everyone.

Its most important tasks are:


• Support for citizens in their political activities by providing contacts, rooms and work equipment
• Advice to citizens and processing of inquiries.

• Advice and fundraising for civil society initiatives

• Participation in civil society projects

• Support for a Europe-wide network of political actors

• Presentation of politics in virtual space

• Linking culture and politics by organizing exhibitions and events, among other things 

The linXXnet has existed since 2000. It was initially financed by the state parliamentarians Heike Werner, Steffen Tippach and Katja Kipping.

It currently functions as the office of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Dr. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann and the Saxon state parliament member Heike Werner. It is also supported by the Saxon members of the Bundestag Katja Kipping, Sebastian Scheel and Volker Külow.

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