What and how do we produce?

We produce a certain image of "DIE LINKE.", a party that is close to the people and doesn't hide from people on office floors. Furthermore, people of all ages scurry around in the linXXnet, but above all 25-45 year olds and also many young people. So we refute the image of an antiquated, outdated, structurally conservative PDS on a daily basis. On a purely communicative and cultural level, we offer an opportunity for citizens of different lifestyles and generations to identify with us.

We connect different levels of politics from district to municipal to state and federal politics, because members of the state parliament, city councillors, district advisory councillors, PDS officials at all levels as well as citizens' initiative people belong to the linXXnet collective. PDS structures and PDS-related associations and groups have their headquarters here or meet here.We make ideas. The experience of the elderly, the intellectual competence of the middle-aged and the radical criticism of the young meet in linXXnet. For example, political texts with theoretical claims are created, but also concepts and ideas for short-term political action and radical socialist reform policies.

We've been going non-stop for about a year interns, pupils, students, people from adult education. Almost everything we do is also political education. We also clean or drink coffee or smoke or talk.

It's important to explain briefly how we work, because that's exactly what makes this breadth and diversity possible. We have 1,5 full-time staff positions and a good dozen volunteers between the ages of 18 and 45. The linXXnet only works with modern communication, everything has to be discussed, even if time is often short. Everyone who wants to can participate in the consultations and plenary sessions on an equal footing. The work is based on trust and self-determined acceptance of responsibility. No superior swings the knout, but we set ourselves tasks because we think they are right and important. Equality creates satisfaction and motivation.

That's why it's still exhausting, stressful work in the linXXnet and there are conflicts, because new tasks and projects constantly arise from our work. But so far we have always managed to resolve conflicts, because communicative competence is an important part of our job and our vocation and we are united by a common idea, that of linXXnet.

Overview of the most important tasks of the linXXnet

• Advice to citizens and processing of inquiries.

• Advice and fundraising for civil society initiatives

• Participation in civil society projects

• Support for citizens in their political activities by providing contacts, rooms and work equipment

• Support for a Europe-wide network of political actors

• Presenting politics and enabling networking in virtual space

• Linking culture and politics by organizing exhibitions and events, among other things

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