On the usefulness of renewal in a world of change: A text for the 10th anniversary of the linXXnet

Ilya M. in March 2010

It almost closed at the end of last year. But somehow everyone knew: the party can't actually afford it. The project-oriented political office in the south of Leipzig has become too important.

The world at the end of the first decade…
of the 21st century is so very different than it was 20 years ago! Behind this banal saying hide a technological revolution, complex political upheavals, a far-reaching social and economic structural change in world society. In almost all parts of Europe, this change leads, for example, to the decline of the industrial working class, which, however, together with employees, still forms an important and privileged social group in the context of world society. With the support of neoliberal social engineers, but rather following the logic of new modes of production, new groups of the exploited, the poor and less poor, the highly educated or largely uneducated, the hopelessly socially extegrated or those actively looking for alternatives are emerging.

But aren't we actually talking about the linXXnet?

What is evident is that the above could be a challenge for the European and global left and requires precisely that to develop new political approaches.
On the other hand, let's admit it: You can also "sit out" challenges. Many a person dreams of a cosy, undisputed leftist party that does its good job as a pensioners' party, gives the poor a helping hand but also gives a finger admonishing them to work diligently, with their class brothers at the trade union officials' regulars' table on first-name terms and with foreigners ( whoever that is supposed to be) is nice. That would be a good and morally impeccable perspective for growing old with the dignified parliamentary pension. And seriously, this is an imaginable, realistic idea for the future of the party.

But what does that have to do with the linXXnet?

Stupidly, new ideas and practices gain access everywhere. They come with new people who seem to simply try new things against all logic and reason and stubbornly refuse to be talked into it. They spread, infect others: an epidemic, so to speak.
This is sometimes quite scary and even smells like a conspiracy. This brings people onto the scene who want to protect the party from image-damaging deeds and thoughts. That'll give you bad blood!
But at some point, after many years, a lot changes. It's still hard to accept that what was done was important, or maybe even right, or worse, groundbreaking. The menacing fist rests in his trouser pocket. But actually, one has reluctantly come to terms with the other, which now somehow belongs.

And now we have arrived at linXXnet.

It almost closed at the end of last year. But somehow everyone knew: the party can't actually afford it. The project-oriented political office in the south of Leipzig has become too important, the electoral successes in the area too measurable, the central importance for anti-fascist activities in the region too obvious, too many international contacts that would break off, the extra-parliamentary networkers like Juliane Nagel, established in the region and in specialist politics the linXXnet association chair Heike Werner.
Not to mention the top performers of the state party, such as Sebastian Scheel and Stefanie Götze, who have long been closely associated with the linXXnet.
Not to mention the "linXXnet veterans" and pioneers, such as Stefan Hartmann, Marko Forberger, Fabian Blunck, Gregor Henker, Markus Heide, Holger Weidauer, who now hold responsible positions in the party. Not to mention the numerous still young and even younger linXXnet people like Christin Löchner, Marco Böhme or Tilman Loos, who are now important experts in our state party...
And with so much name dropping, the names of Daniel Knorr, Mandy Gehrt and Boris Krumnow, who are committed to the development and maintenance of the linXXnet, should not be missing.

And what does that have to do with the changing world of the 21st century?
A whole lot! With actions and ideas, with a plural understanding of the Left and THE LEFT, inspired by Gramsci, Bourdieu, Agnoli, the value-critical Marxists and Left Poststructuralists, the linXXneters of today are involved in nothing less than a renewal of left practice. They also stand "internally" for the new social groups and movements: the goal remains the change to self-determination and ecological socialism! A Sisyphean task!
Congratulations linXXnet!

One could think that the changers and enablers are always the good guys and the brakes and preservers are always the bad guys. But no! They belong together. Their discomfort with each other makes us walk step by step along the common path that lies ahead of us...

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