Risk stays, Crossing continues – Changes at EU’s Eastern Border?


Marianne is one of those who live in Poland at one of EU’s external borders and who have been busy for the second year now. Ever since August 2021, people have been coming to Belarus to continue their way over the Polish-Belarusian border into the European Union. One of the first and most dangerous, actually life-threatening, steps is to cross Białowieża forest, the last remaining primeval forest in Europe. Marianne and her friends try to support there with the most needed. Here, she gives an interview on the current developments of the situation after linXXnet got to know her  during #nobordersdelegation in January. Back then, parliamentarians of LINKE went for a visit to Poland to speak with activists, lawyers and many more who support those who try to cross Poland. One thing that has changed is the ever decreasing attention for the human rights violations and attacks against the right to seek asylum, committed by the Polish government with toleration of European Commission and other EU member states.

Here some useful links for further reading:

Social Media profiles of Grupa Granica: https://twitter.com/GrupaGranica | https://www.instagram.com/grupagranica/

Website (Englisch) der Grupa Granica: https://zrzutka.pl/en/j5z5aa

Foundation that Marianne and her friends founded: https://www.facebook.com/FundacjaBezkres

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