Ukraine: Support & Accommodation

Important for advertisers: The first contact is made via the portal and via e-mail. You should therefore urgently enter a valid e-mail and be able to check it regularly! You will receive an e-mail with a code that you can later use to edit and delete your ad yourself!

Oh and, if you find the time, you are welcome to send us an email if an accommodation was successful.

Do you have space in Leipzig for refugees from the Ukraine? Then enter your offer here, also in English.
Have you escaped from Ukraine and are you looking for accommodation? Then you can search here and contact the providers directly.
All entries are unlocked manually.
We're fast, but give us a few "minutes". If you have technical problems or questions, write to us or call the support hotline (German/English)
(0341 - 3928445) from 09 a.m. to midnight.
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